About “They Were Soldiers”

They Were Soldiers covers Jewish military history, Jewish genealogy, and Jewish history.

To that end, the material that will be presented here is derived from a variety of sources. 

First and foremost, an invaluable and irreplaceable source of information has been contemporary print newspapers, in both 35mm microfilm and digital formats.  The content of these encompasses casualty lists, photographs, biographical profiles, obituaries, and award citations.   

Other sources comprise materials such as books, photographs, and correspondence – both wartime and contemporary.  

The repositories from which this material is derived comprise libraries, personal collections of veterans or their families, archival repositories (both physical and digital) of various nations, and a wide variety of websites, both governmental and private, allowing access to digitized or transcribed records and images.

The entries posted here will range from the perhaps “light” and anecdotal, to material perhaps deeper, probing, and analytical. 

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More, to follow.


– Michael G. Moskow